Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya
Welcome to Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya

Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya (Facing the Pattaya Beach Road to Prospect the Sunset over the Gulf of Siam Google Maps ) HAS completed construction of the renovation and up the Great spent 15 months. And Now, new Product of Fashionable and unique rock ‘n’ roll It has heaped on high volume.

As always, in the new aesthetic, full of youthful energy, love to the music, enthusiasm for life, and our credo is “love all people, try to all the people”.

Like when you first opened 10 years ago, to include in the list of new amenities, restaurant and bar and where the service does not miss the Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya, which was renewed in Pattaya.

Work in A place of one and A Half hours by car from Bangkok, Play, Meeting or for the Banquet, all the People, and there IS all That all of the Locker want. In all 323 Rooms, you CAN Heal rock star Suites, A new room for the Children Family, Luxury Rooms and Deluxe suites, or on holiday, dose, or the People who visit at Work. Restaurant Bar Lounge IS upgraded IS Offered in A Variety of Stylish atmosphere Asian cuisine to Mediterranean cuisine, you CAN enjoy Along with the Restaurant, Which IS known as the Hard Rock Cafe. Furthermore, there IS A Lil ‘Rock Club and Tabu Club for the Children of Teen, Rokkusupa and lock Shop, many more events That SHOULD BE Noted IS Done at any time.

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